Data Capture Solutions

Data Capture Systems appear simple on the surface, but look closer and you will find these systems are among the largest, most complex systems in the world. They combine multiple input methods (mobile, telephone, internet, paper, fax), workload and workforce balancing, the intricate science of advanced imaging technologies, multi-path workflows, logistical riddles, large scale workforce management and coordination, data mining methods, in addition to traditional system challenges of just standing up an IT infrastructure and operation. And because of this complexity, not only can systems be costly to develop, but inexperienced engineering teams can overlook simple opportunities for significant cost savings.

The key to building and managing a successful Data Capture project is finding the perfect balance between schedule, accuracy, throughput, cost and flexibility.

T-Rex can help you find that balance in your next solution. We are proven leaders in the industry and have engineered and managed systems that have outperformed our clients' expectations, achieving over 99% data capture accuracy while processing millions of documents per day.

Trust T-Rex to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your next Data Capture Project!


  • Multi Modal Data Capture Architecture
  • Enterprise Content Mgmt. Integration
  • Mobile Data Capture Integration
  • Centralized Workflow
  • Mail Receipt, Sorting and Inventory Design
  • eFax and Telephony Solutions
  • Internet-based Data Collection
  • Indexing and Barcoding
  • Scanner Selection and Integration
  • Image Enhancement and Processing
  • Optical Character/Mark Recognition (OCR/ICR/OMR)
  • Data Edits and Follow Ups
  • Customer Specified Coding
  • Image Storage and Archive
  • Data Storage, Archive and Mining
  • Operational Planning and Implementation

Industry Applications

  • Census and Survey Systems Architecture and Engineering
  • Health Claims Processing
  • Fulfillment and Remittance Processing
  • Accounts Receivable Documents
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Inter State/Municipal/Agency Transactions
  • Transcription
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Tax Forms Processing
  • Human Resource Files
  • Financial Documents and Filings